Snoop Dogg microG Herbal Vape Pen Review / Unboxing

When it comes to discrete pens that hide nicely in your hand, the MicroG Pen from Grenco science has done a nice job. Check out the review video!


The best part of the micro is that it comes with extra cartridges. If you need to pack prior to your event, its the best option. That way you just plug and play instead of fumbling with a bag or grinder.

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  • This pen is small and discrete, fits in your hand very nicely.
  • Comes with extra cartridges/ replaceable heating coils.
  • Charges quickly and has great battery life for it’s size
  • Includes tons of extra tools to keep your pen clean and working well.


  • Not much room in heating chamber. Only a couple hits per pack
  • Combustion, not a real vaporizing unit

Overall, we give this pen a 7/10 in the category of discrete combustion pens. This pen works well for what it is and does the job very well. Be sure to keep this one in mind when making your next pen purchase.

OC 113 728x90