Pax 2 by Ploom Vaporizer Review and Unboxing

Here it is guys, the moment you have all been waiting for. The Pax 2 is finally here and we are ready to review it.┬áIt’s smaller, sleeker, more technologically advanced, it will cook you breakfast but how does it hit? Check out this video and see for yourself!


First off, the Pax 2 comes in a great looking package. It’s clean, user friendly, well built and easy to open. Getting into the box, you immediately find the Pax 2 along with a cleaning kit and a charger along with an additional option for a mouth piece. There are a few great improvements such as the charger which is now a dock style that doesn’t require you to remove the mouth piece to dock it. In addition, the mouth piece has been simplified to sit flush on the body of the unit which makes this cleaner looking as well as discrete.

The Pax 2 also has an improved LED display with independent lights for each pedal in the “X” which allows you to check the battery life, know when the unit is heating up, cooling, or ready to go and even play Simon on it! The Pax 2 comes from any authorized dealer with a 10 year warranty which should last you a long time before thinking about getting a new one.

Lastly, the Pax 2 is worth the price increase in comparison to the original Pax because of the smaller size and similar if not better effectiveness and flavor. Ploom is probably considering getting rid of the original Pax from manufacturing which will leave you with a broken Pax with no parts to fix it. So consider the Pax 2 from an authorized dealer to ensure your warranty.



  • Smaller
  • Improved mouth piece
  • Better charging system
  • Same bowl size
  • Improved LED display
  • Easy to clean



  • Can get hot
  • Higher price than the original


(The SVU coupon codes exclude the Pax products.) Sorry…