How to Play Simon with Pax 2 by Ploom

The Pax 2 by Ploom comes with what they call “Easter eggs” or in other words, small rewards for knowing what to do with your Pax 2 to make them happen. One of the coolest Easter eggs found so far is being able to play the memory game Simon on the Pax2. Check out this video for the full scoop.

So there you have it, spin the Pax2 around with 2 hands (I found that 1 hand doesn’t work) and you’ll be welcomed with a light show in your vaporizer. There are 4 supposed settings people have found so far…

3 times: Party Mode

6 times: Light Drawing (with a slow aperture camera)

9 times: Lip and Motion Sensing

12 times: Simon Game

Play the Simon game to level 20 to hear a little jingle when you turn the vape on. Just hold the oven end close to your ear since it’s very quiet.

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