Best Portable Weed Vaporizers of 2016

Looking for a great portable vaporizer that will do the job when you are on the move? Not just a pen that burns your grass but a clean vaping, awesome tasting vapor that will keep you happy without killing your lungs. Check out these awesome vapes and let us know which one you have your eye on.

Arizer Solo


For a portable vape, the Arizer Solo vaper quality is almost unrivaled. It has a temperature setting of seven allowing you to get the vapor you desire. Arizer Solo was designed with two buttons making it very easy to set up. It comes with private foundation surrounding the heating element thus making it more durable.

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Arizer Air


Air is the smaller portable version of the Solo Vaporizer. It is small in size allowing it to fit comfortably in your pocket. For heating, it uses an element with five different temperature controls. Temperatures in Arizer Air are more condensed and ideal for use with dry herbs.

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Pax 2


Compared to the original, Pax 2 comes with an extended battery life, deeper oven for better hearing and four heat settings. The heat settings range from 360 to 420 Fahrenheit allowing a fluctuation range of fifteen degrees. The rechargeable battery allows for 90 minutes of continued use when fully charged.

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Vapir No2


The Vapir No2 is very simplistic in nature. Once all parts get properly assembled, it only has two pieces. The two pieces are the mouthpiece and the screen. The screen is in the top section. When it comes to heating, it heats up fast allowing for prolonged use.

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Mighty and Crafty Vaporizer


Its Mighty’s operation is self-explaining thanks to the presence of the LED display and the plus/minus keys. The Crafty is controllable by phone. Once there is a correspondence between the actual set temperature and the adjustable temperature, it becomes ready for use. It can get operated by using a power adapter that comes with dischargeable batteries.

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Pinnacle Pro


The pro model features a heating chamber that was significantly improved and comes with five heat settings. The parameters can be adjusted by only touching the buttons. Given its sleek nature, it is an ideal vaporizer for professionals on the move. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and a unique power on/off button

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Davinci Ascent


The ascent is a vaporizer capable of handling loose leaf and concentrates as well. It is what makes it unique from all the other vaporizers. The front facing LED display shows the temperature in the unit at all times. It comes in two types; with a carbon fiber and a burl wood accent.

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IoLite WISPR Vaporizer


It is a butane powered vaporizer ideal for traveling. You do not have to worry about recharging it as long as you have a butane can with you. It also comes with a retractable mouthpiece allowing you to fit it in your pocket with ease. It is simple to use and can be turned on/ off by depressing the power button.

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